Made to Measure Blinds

Complement your choice of flooring with a made-to-measure blind

T&A Flooring offers a made-to-measure blind making service to help you dress the windows of your property to match your choice of flooring.

Things to Consider when choosing blinds

Blinds are ideal for keeping your rooms warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They can be fitted to windows or doors. Before you purchase it is a good idea to consider:

  • Do you need to allow light in or block it out?
  • How much privacy do you want?
  • Does the blind match your furnishings?
  • Do you want them outside the recess of the window or close in next to it?


Vertical Louvre Blinds
Vertical blinds have adjustable vertical panels or louvres, which allow variable amounts of light into the room. They can also be pulled to one side to allow your room to be fully illuminated with natural light or fully closed for complete privacy. The vertical stripes of the blinds are thought to give the illusion of height to a room with a low ceiling.
Venetian Blinds (horizontal louvre blinds)
These work in a similar way to vertical blinds, but the slats run horizontally. They allow variable light into a room or can be opened fully to flood the room with natural light or closed to block it out. It is thought that in a smaller room a horizontal line will give the illusion of space - so venetian blinds are ideal in smaller rooms.
Roman Blinds
More like a curtain, roman blinds allow you to raise or lower the blind in folded panels to let in natural light. They come in a wide variety of materials, including woven wood and fabric, and are an ideal modern alternative to curtains.
Roller blinds
These blinds employ a string or beaded coil system that allows you to roll the blind up or down. Roller blinds are functional and an excellent option if you want complete privacy or to protect your furnishings from fading. All roller blinds supplied by T&A Flooring are contract rated and include an optional safety chain.

All blinds are made-to-measure to suit your exact requirements. Drop in to our showroom on St John's Road, off Falsgrave Road near Scarborough's town centre to discuss your requirements or telephone 01723 353335 to arrange for us to visit you.

Made to Measure blinds

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